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Dec 25Pocket Check
Dec 14Preferences
Dec 6Save Face (Off)
Nov 26Danksgiving
Nov 25Jam Session
Nov 10REQt
Oct 27Thanks for the Memories
Oct 21Choose Your Own Sadventure
Oct 12Alternative Fuel Source
Sep 22Declaration of Dependence
Sep 16How it Feels to Get Old
Sep 7A Horror Movie for Adults
Aug 31Rocket Beleaguer
Aug 24Browsing Habits
Aug 15Let the Wookiee win
Aug 12passing a squad car on the road
Aug 7Full Sprint
Jul 30Disappearing Act
Jul 14Selection Variance
Jul 6The Amazing Adventures of Captain Shut-In
Jun 28Tales from Vault 420 – Episode 2
Jun 21Tales from Vault 420
Jun 11Dana Skeptic
Jun 6Hype Train
May 25Accio Chronicus
May 19Relentless
May 13Adult Points
May 2Prey
Apr 24Dealerithmetic: Part 3
Apr 20Dankey Kong
Apr 9Easter for Adults
Apr 350 Years from now
Apr 1High on Life
Mar 22Change of Plans
Mar 20Blasted Regret
Mar 7There’s a Fubbler in my Bubbler!
Feb 21Foiled Again
Feb 14In Memoriam
Feb 6Phoenix Down
Jan 28Early Access to Zombies
Jan 17Dealerithmetic: Part 2
Jan 15Elsa
Jan 10NFL Blues
Jan 4The Travesty of Waterpipes