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Dec 26Hibernation
Dec 20J Robert Oppenheimer: The College Years
Dec 11Piano Lessons
Dec 4Holiday Dinner in 2016
Nov 26Thanksgiving with the Family
Nov 15Super Moon
Nov 13Backseat Politics
Nov 8Patriotic Duty
Nov 5The Future is Later
Oct 29Ticket to Ride
Oct 23GTA Online
Oct 17Those Were the Days
Oct 8Peter Parker’s Unusual Origin Story
Oct 6Changing Habits
Oct 2Calculated Risk
Sep 28The War on Drugs
Sep 19Ready to Disappoint
Sep 10Third Party
Aug 31Everyday Superheroes Week – Day Three
Aug 30Everyday Superheroes Week – Day Two
Aug 28Everyday Superheroes Week – Day One
Aug 13Car Trouble
Aug 6The Guitar Window
Jul 30Road Trip – Part 2
Jul 30Road Trip – Part 1
Jul 23Why I don’t do Topical Comics
Jul 3Drugs Inc(ompetent)
Jun 26Spiritual Guidance
Jun 17The Versatility of the Mountain
Jun 13Good Game
Jun 4Standards
May 28Product Placement II
May 21Personal Security in the Modern Age
May 14Tough Choices
May 6Confirming Suspicions
Apr 29Co-workers
Apr 22A Guide to Rolling Joints – Part 1: Mythos
Apr 16Making Friends
Apr 8The List
Apr 1Show Off
Mar 26Viewing Experiences
Mar 18Road Trip (SAMPLE)
Mar 11Hierarchy of Needs
Mar 5Existential Crisis
Feb 27Garfield
Feb 20Goofus and Gallant
Feb 13That Time of Year
Feb 12Valentine’s Cards
Feb 6Experiment
Jan 30Unfinished Business
Jan 24Patient Citizens
Jan 17Insecure Mary
Jan 10The Heist – Part 3
Jan 10The Heist – Part 2
Jan 10The Heist – Part 1
Jan 5Double Negative
Jan 2Party Favors