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Dec 23Greek Gods
Dec 16A Short Guide on Handling Social Situations with Grace
Dec 11Diagnosis
Dec 4Poor Lou
Nov 25Small Business Saturday
Nov 19Revelation
Nov 15Tribalism
Nov 8Tread On Me
Nov 1d i y x k c d
Oct 29Sorcery
Oct 18Know the Difference
Oct 16Getting Old
Oct 5Big Investment
Sep 25Mother of Contests
Sep 23Big Reveal
Sep 17That Question
Sep 12ATM
Sep 2Stardew Regrets
Aug 28Hero of the People
Aug 24Mating Ritual
Aug 17Playing it Safe
Aug 15Littlesecrets
Aug 12Smoker’s Fallacy
Aug 7Hobby Novice
Aug 4Dinner Affair
Jul 30Sing Like Nobody’s Listening
Jul 29Master Troll
Jul 22Shame Curtain
Jul 15Gnawing Questions
Jul 13Sucker
Jul 9Unknown Strategies
Jul 4Birch Street
Jul 1A Guide to Rolling Joints – Part 2: Toolset
Jun 24Lions
Jun 17Grilled
Jun 13Parenting Considerations
May 30Memorial Day contd
May 9Deepest, Driest Desires
Apr 29Commitment
Apr 23Keeping Score
Apr 12Couches
Apr 11Motorboat
Apr 2Presidential
Apr 1poisson d’avril
Mar 25Unqualified
Mar 18Trump Statements
Feb 25Catcalling
Feb 16Panic Room
Feb 12Aerial Blues
Feb 8Premonitions
Feb 6Deep Sea
Feb 6The Exponential Bowl: Epilogue
Jan 28The Exponential Bowl: Part 3
Jan 24The Exponential Bowl: Part 2
Jan 14The Exponential Bowl: Part 1
Jan 8Reluctant Birthday
Jan 1Undoing Bad Habits