So when we first meet Yoda, he’s hobbling around like a creepy little monster, digging through Luke’s shit and giggling like an asshole. Now I guess this was a little put on since once Luke realizes who he is, Yoda goes full stone-cold sober jedi sage, but I like to think that he just sort of turns into this weird, obnoxious hermit while he’s stuck there on Dagobah with nobody to talk to. Did he know who Luke was when he met him? If he did then I guess he was just testing him, but if he didn’t, then I guess that’s just how Yoda acts around new people? Surely somewhere in all the Jedi scrolls and teachings there must be a bit about “Don’t just go rooting through some guys suitcase like a dick?” I dunno. If it was all an act to get a feel for Luke, then I really wish we could have seen Yoda fucking around with more people like that.


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