I have this great opportunity I’d like to share with you guys. I’ve been turned on to this great new program called Tumble Dry Comics and it’s really taking my marketing and networking skills to the next level and I want to let you in on this at the ground level. Tumble Dry Comics comes in a day and night version, you can really feel your mouth laughing almost instantly when you apply it. It’s made with a Peruvian Oleander extract; really it’s more of a hydrating webcomic. And let me tell you, these webcomics will cut through anything. And they stay sharp no matter what! It’d really be irresponsible NOT to get in on Tumble Dry Comics. If you got dirt or crumbs buried deep in your thick shag carpet, Tumble Dry Comics expertly lifts that grime out like no other webcomic can. I’m telling you this now because I fully respect our friendship and your intelligence and want to give you this amazing opportunity before anyone else.


Tumble Dry Comics: while those morons are singing ‘What a friend we have in Shinto’, we are bringing the pain.