Tumble Dry Comics is happy to announce our new partnership with Above the Influence! From here on out we will be proudly serving up weekly doses of uppercase FACTS to help you navigate the complex and significant stresses of junior high school. There’s a lot of pressure on young people to fit in; dress a certain way, use drugs, poop in a jar and let it ferment under your back porch for a week until enough methane has collected that you can huff that nasty stank all the way to brown town, the list goes on. And while Snoop Dogg may look really cool when he lights up a blunt, remember that it’s only because he’s really cool.

The point is, when you reach the moment where you have to ask yourself, who am I really? Press pause. Hit reset. And remember, you’re Above the Influence.

Tumble Dry Comics: I only smoke sausage.